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A Small Town Traveling Circus

For the kind and hard-working people of Piccadilly, it’s really more about celebrating the craft and paying tribute to the time-honored traditions that run deeply through their veins. They won’t make a ton of money doing what they do, but will be rewarded with the richness of experience and bond of family friendship that can only come from living the life of the traveling artist gypsy…

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The Lost Art of the Main Street Barber

1974—Burtonsville, Maryland. If I close my eyes, it all comes rushing back…Johnny Cash playing from the cheap am radio resting on the shelf next to the Barbicide; the happy ring of the old-fashioned National cash register as it gladly accepted my Dad’s worn singles; the Dum Dum lollipop jar that marked my rite of passage at the end of the haircut when the barber was finished brushing the hair off my neck and unsnapping my smock…